A highly dedicated team is here to support you with their professional experience and technological expertise.

We support our clients for generating a compelling business idea and transform it into a realistic one by planning and implementation strategy. With several years of experience in this field, we are passionate about building a way to the ultimate goal full of fun, enthusiasm & gratification for you. We work hard based on simple thinking.

About Us

We are a global team at Manisha Mozumder; our members are made up of talented consultants from all over the world. With our combined experience of over a decade and our full understanding of business development, Manisha Mozumder is your one-stop solution for getting your business off the ground.

Our mission is to give small businesses and start-ups the tools to thrive by offering innovative ideas and helping them flourish. Our passion for helping small businesses grow is unparalleled. We understand the hardships of starting a new project, let us help you.

We conduct comprehensive research on the consumer-specific idea of your brand and analyze it to see if it has the potential to turn into a tangible and profitable one.

We also offer support to established companies planning to launch a new product or service. Through strategic planning, we ensure our customers can compete and advance in the highly competitive and ever-changing consumer market.


To become one of the most trustworthy one-stop solutions to strengthen the foundation of global businesses and to position the business entity as one of the most reliable consulting services as an efficient business problem solver.


To provide differentiated consumer-based planning with the implementation strategy for a new business idea through the inclusion of uniqueness and to nurture it by continuous improvement for attaining the maturity. To solve business problems with a systematic approach and to serve in different business sections through accurate planning and implementation strategy, including an evaluation process.

Why focusing on foundation?

Our primary focus is to ensure a strong foundation for each and every new idea because we believe that all the seeds have a chance to become a big tree which can be a shelter for numerous lives, it just needs a little nourishment to grow up.
Consequently, it has been found from research conducted by CBINSIGHTS that most of the startups (approx. 42%) fail because at one point in time the offered service or product has no market need. Some startups fail for team problems, pricing issues and problems to cope up with the competition.
Therefore, it has been resulted from several case studies, that if it is possible to build up proper strategic planning with sufficient research from the route level it can lead to a strong foundation of a business for sustaining in the long run.

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We transform your dream business ideas into reality through a four-phase process (I-P-IM-E), for ensuring a strong foundation and continuous improvement to sustain in the long run. Besides, we analyze business problems and alter those to opportunities which may lead to a significant positive change in ROI.

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Each customer is valuable; however, our target is not to grasp all and serve; instead, we target to ensure the satisfaction of all those who came to us with their faith in our services and considered our capability for the continuous improvement of their businesses.