About Manisha

Read Manisha’s statement to all our clients and future clients, which details about Manisha Mozumder Consulting and also personal and background context to her business.

Manisha Mozumder

Hello, Welcome to ‘Manisha Mozumder- Business Consulting Services.’ With over seven years of experience working in the business development sector, I found that too many businesses had poor planning and non-effective procedures, causing them to fail or show little growth. Understanding the problems and realizing there was a need for change, the initiative for ‘Manisha Mozumder-Business Consulting services’ has been taken.

I have witnessed countless people attempting to start a business and faced critical issues very early on. Having a strong foundation is the key to any successful business, and I am passionate about helping new businesses grow from the ground up. With my finance and marketing background, I understand the ins and outs of beginning a new project, and how to develop it into a successful, profitable company. Our unique 4-step process ensures a strong foundation and continuous improvement for a business to sustain in the long run. Our team is dedicated to business problem-solving and creating strategic plans to attain a significant change in ROI.

I know how hard it can be to gather all of your ideas and start your own business. It’s a risk, it’s scary, but remember the reward in the long run; we are here to help you achieve that ultimate reward, a successful, profitable, and prosperous business. As the daughter of a businessman, I have witnessed my father face multiple challenges every day. I learned from watching him how to not only overcome challenges but to embrace them. He was my inspiration for starting this business.

‘Manisha Mozumder – Business Consulting Services’ is here to help and guide you on your dream business journey of a lifetime, don’t walk alone.

Manisha Mozumder

Founder/Owner & Chief of Consulting Services