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Our market research-based services are conducted to ensure your business growth. By analyzing the current situation, we will create custom planning and strategies to smooth out any bumps or kinks for promoting a positive change in ROI.

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Four Phases Consulting Services
for Business Foundation

From €250

Basic €250 | Standard €1500 | Premium €2400 (All prices are VAT inclusive)

It has been found from several studies that foundation is the core of any business; we will support the people for a strong foundation of their dream business. In this regard, we will provide services in four phases, started from Incubator to the Evaluation.

Professional Business Plan

From €250

Basic €250 | Standard €400 | Premium €550 (All prices are VAT inclusive)

Business Planning can show an efficient way to success and continuous improvement for any business. Our team will assist you in making market research‐based realistic and flexible planning, which will lead to a significant positive change in ROI. Consequently, a business plan can also help to attract investors for fundraising for the business foundation.

Business Problem -Solving

From €220

Basic €220 | Standard €450 | Premium €950 (All prices are VAT inclusive)

It is found from previous studies that people face several business problems for the lack of knowledge in the business field. We will support to transform those difficulties into opportunities with our business knowledge and experiences.

Other Specialties 

Consulting for Turn Around

We will work for turnaround management for your startup/small businesses, because sometimes it is really important a small push to go ahead and speed up. We will support you on that point. For providing consulting services we will go through some steps which will make our way easier and less time consuming.

One to One Business Consulting

We provide support to the individual clients who are having problem with a new business idea. Sometimes it happens that people find them in a difficult situation with a specific business problems, then they can contact with us individually. Moreover, sometimes people start their business plan but in the middle they find it challenging to continue with it.

Marketing Solutions for Business Foundation and Performance Improvement of Existing Business

We support people or companies to create and implementing marketing strategies which includes market research and integrated marketing plan. For a company or a business it is very crucial to set up a competent marketing message and to identify the appropriate marketing mix to pursue the message to a specific customer.

Financial Forecasting/Modeling for Start-up and small businesses

From €250

We will illustrate an abstract representation by a financial model based on financial forecasting for startups and small businesses. Our planning will help to recognize the financial goal and set up realistic objectives, enhancing the capability to reach the business goal. 

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We transform your dream business ideas into reality through a four-phase process (I-P-IM-E), for ensuring a strong foundation and continuous improvement to sustain in the long run. Besides, we analyze business problems and alter those to opportunities which may lead to a significant positive change in ROI.

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