Willing to construct a strong foundation for your dream business?

Facing problems to go ahead with current planning?

We transform your dream business ideas into reality through a four-phase process (I-P-IM-E), for ensuring a strong foundation and continuous improvement to sustain in the long run. Besides, we analyze business problems and alter those to opportunities, which may lead to a significant positive change in ROI.


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‘It’s not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time’

– David Allan Coe

Our Specialization

Four Phases (I‐P‐IM‐E) Consulting Services for Business Foundation

Starts from €189

Basic €189, Standard €708, Premium €925

Professional Business Plans for Startup and Small Businesses

Starts from €92.88

Basic €92.88, Standard €389.51, Premium €487,77 (All price VAT Inclusive)


Business Problem Solving for Startup and Small Businesses

Starts from €89

Basic €89, Standard €397, Premium €897

About Us

We are a global team at Manisha Mozumder; our members are made up of talented consultants from all over the world. With our combined experience of over a decade and our full understanding of business development, Manisha Mozumder is your one-stop solution for getting your business off the ground.

Our mission is to give small businesses and start-ups the tools to thrive by offering innovative ideas and helping them flourish. Our passion for helping small businesses grow is unparalleled. We understand the hardships of starting a new project, let us help you.

We conduct comprehensive research on the consumer-specific idea of your brand and analyze it to see if it has the potential to turn into a tangible and profitable one.

We also offer support to established companies planning to launch a new product or service. Through strategic planning, we ensure our customers can compete and advance in the highly competitive and ever-changing consumer market.

Hello, Welcome to ‘Manisha Mozumder- Business Consulting Services.’ With over seven years of experience working in the business development sector, I found that too many businesses had poor planning and non-effective procedures, causing them to fail or show little growth. Understanding the problems and realizing there was a need for change, the initiative for ‘Manisha Mozumder-Business Consulting services’ has been taken.

I have witnessed countless people attempting to start a business and faced critical issues very early on. Having a strong foundation is the key to any successful business, and I am passionate about helping new businesses grow from the ground up. With my finance and marketing background, I understand the ins and outs of beginning a new project, and how to develop it into a successful, profitable company. Our unique 4-step process ensures a strong foundation and continuous improvement for a business to sustain in the long run. Our team is dedicated to business problem-solving and creating strategic plans to attain a significant change in ROI.

I know how hard it can be to gather all of your ideas and start your own business. It’s a risk, it’s scary, but remember the reward in the long run; we are here to help you achieve that ultimate reward, a successful, profitable, and prosperous business. As the daughter of a businessman, I have witnessed my father face multiple challenges every day. I learned from watching him how to not only overcome challenges but to embrace them. He was my inspiration for starting this business.

‘Manisha Mozumder – Business Consulting Services’ is here to help and guide you on your dream business journey of a lifetime, don’t walk alone.

Manisha Mozumder

Founder/Owner & Chief of Consulting Services

Each customer is valuable; however, our target is not to grasp all and serve; instead, we target to ensure the satisfaction of all those who came to us with their faith in our services and considered our capability for the continuous improvement of their businesses.